Pornography in the eyes of Islam

Assalamualaikum Farhatullah Barakah Alhamdulillah All praises are due to the infinite mercy of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah that we are all alive.

Pornography is a depiction made for the sole purpose of sexual arousal. Primarily adult pornography is presented in a variety of media, including magazines, art literature, photography, audio, film, animation, video, games, etc. One of the most dangerous contents for adults today is pornography. Makes a difference Whether adult content can be classified as pornography or heroin makes a difference.

To know about pornography, it is more important to know the history of pornography… In the late 19th century, a film by Thomas Edison depicting a kiss was condemned as obscene in the United States. Eugène Pirou’s 1896 film Time for the Bride, on the other hand, was well received in France. In 1969 Andy Warhol’s Blue became the first film to depict promiscuous sexuality and receive a wide theatrical release in the United States.

It was followed by the Golden Age of Porn (1969-1984) period, a period when many high-quality pornographic films played in theaters and became part of popular culture. The introduction of home video and the Internet in the late 20th century led to the worldwide growth of the pornography business and began to bring in billions of dollars a year.

In 2001, commercialized pornography in the United States cost more than $2.5 billion, including the production costs of various media, and related products and services. In 2006, worldwide revenue from pornography was estimated at $97 billion, with US estimates at around $10-$12 billion. In 2018, pornography was estimated to be worth more than $20 billion in Japan.

The US industry employs thousands of performers, including production and support staff. It has its industry publication, AVN; a trade association, the Free Speech Coalition; and an awards show, the AVN Awards. In the 2020s, content from popular pornographic sites hosted by unscrupulous uploaders and cybersex trafficking have been reported.

This addiction thrives in privacy and isolation; To start the recovery process you must end this secret. Year after year we make the mistake that all becoming addicted. We should realize that we need help and research how we can get this help. That is why we should start with a few things. There are some websites and online searches for Muslims that will purify your vision.

Did you feel guilty or degraded immediately after doing the deed? If you do, know that it is your natural inclination (fitrah) calling you that it does not need it – and in fact, it is against it.

Ø Your brain may release all the feel-good chemicals temporarily, but you notice that it does not do much for you in the long run.

Allah Tamala mentions committing immoral acts in the Qur’an:

“And those who, when they commit an immoral act or wrong themselves [by crime], remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins – and who can forgive sins but Allah? – and [those who] do what they have done It doesn’t stop when they know.” [Quran 3:135]

It is very important to highlight that Allah says “wrong yourselves” instead of “wronging Allah”. When you sin, it does not affect Allah, rather it affects you. It affects you alone, and the people around you the most.

Allah Almighty then tells you an immediate solution whenever you have done bad things, which is to remember Him and ask for forgiveness!

Allah is spoon-feeding you to lift the burden you have placed on yourself from your shoulders. Remember, the Merciful Allah cares far more than you think, and do not for once think that you have committed so many sins that you are not worthy of His love.

Therefore, Allah Tamala has created a set of rules for us humans to follow, so we maintain clarity and balance by fulfilling our overall needs, a state of Saadeh (happiness) in this life and the hereafter.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: Humility (Al-Haya) is a branch of faith. [Sunan Nasa’s]

Ø Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salalah Alaia WA Sallam also mentioned modesty as part of faith in many narrations. One of the ways you can incorporate addiction whenever you are faced with it is to be shy of Almighty Allah.

Before you even think of putting yourself in this situation, remember that Allah sees you and everything you do. If you put yourself in this state of mind you will at least think twice before you start watching porn again, inshallah.

Different people have different triggers. Some people have strong urges to watch porn as soon as they get out of bed, some before bed, and some people will have the opportunity to do it any time of the day if they are alone.

It all depends on you and how well you know yourself. Note this, and ask yourself why you are doing it currently. Here are some questions you can ask yourself.

As much as you are not advised to reveal your sins or weaknesses to other people, there is a difference between bragging about your sins and doing so to ask for help. If you know your limitations and you know you do not have great self-control, ask someone to guide you when you are struggling.

Tell them what your problem is, and what kind of solution you think will help you cure your addiction. If your friend or family member loves you, they will want to help you out of the endless cycle of pornographic addiction! Here are some things you can think about with your friend to come up with some possible solutions:

  • Ask your friend to call you whenever you feel the urge and discuss the trigger.
  • Ask your friend to invite you for a walk or exercise if you feel the urge.
  • If it’s your roommate or someone who lives in the same house as you, be physically present whenever you feel the urge.
  • Ask your friend to spend time with you on different hobbies like painting, gardening, writing, and many more.
  • Ask your friend to guide you spiritually by listening to a Muslim podcast, lecture, or Quran recitation together Insha’Allah something good will happen.

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