E-passport rules without broker and information about passport cost 2022 e-passport application online

Online passport application cost, rules, required documents, how to apply for a passport, and all information will be available. The difference between the existing MRP passport and the e-passport must be that in the e-passport you will have three types of photographs Like in an MRP passport there will be a card instead of the first page where your fingerprints will be stored on your details industry Lost passport will have ten fingerprints in the database

The e-passport service has been launched in Bangladesh for the first time in South Asia. Almost all the regional passport offices of Bangladesh are in 64 districts where you can apply online and get your e-passport.

You or I can now apply for an e-passport without a broker. How to fill out the e-passport application form with your mobile or computer. All the necessary information will be provided to you.

How much does it cost to get an e-passport?

• The amount of money depends on the number of pages of your passport, duration, and delivery. For example, if you do 48 pages for 10 years, you will need 5 thousand 750 rupees, if you want to do 48 days for 5 years, you will need 4,025 rupees. If you want to do 64 pages for 25 years, you will need 6325 rupees; if you want to do 64 years, you will have to pay 8050 rupees. All these are for regular-time delivery.

What does it take to get an e-passport?

1. If you have a NID card then an e-passport does not require much paper and even verification is not required.

2. First Online Application Summary Application Summary

3. Then online application copy

4. Add your bank money receipt which you will get through bank payment

5. National Identity Card or Online Birth Certificate

6. Address proof utility bills like electricity bill

7. NID copy of parents

8. If you are a student then you need to provide your secondary certificate and if you are an employee your employment ID card

9. The citizenship certificate is obtained through payment to pick up from the municipality

10. Your paper will not be submitted without carrying some other important papers

Most of our people have not got a smart card yet almost all of them have a NID card online version 0 so we must collect a NID verification copy from the local election office. If you are a student, you must provide your current educational institution’s student ID and the secondary higher secondary certificate.

 If you can submit all your documents correctly, your fingerprint photograph will be taken at your regional passport office on the same day. Before taking a fingerprint photograph you need to take an assistant director. Do photo print You will be given a delivery A certain amount of date will be given Your probable e-passport receipt date

How to get an accurate idea of when you might receive your e-passport?

 If you have applied for your passport manually then you can log in to see the current status of your passport. You must remember the username and password at the time of application. To know the current status of the e-passport, you need to visit the official website of the e-passport. From the menu option you will get an option where you can log in with username and password If you have submitted your fingerprint and photograph today then after login your status will show Enrollment in process status will change with time Approximately two days after providing your fingerprint and photograph your status will be displayed Changed If all your documents are correct then after two days your status will show Pending for FB Clearance It is also known as Police Clearance

But if all your documents are not correct then it will show sad end verification this happens to very few people but still, it takes approx. 10 days for police verification here the police will collect from you all the documents which you have submitted to the passport office Police will come to your home with 1 copy of a passport-size photograph to verify all your details are correct and if there is no current in your name then you will get it in approx. 10 days after police verification it will go to app ruble then It will go for the final exam which is approved by the regional passport office director after one year of printing it will take approx. 2-3 more days from Dhaka printing from Dhaka will take approx. 10 more days for printing in two days then it will show your status Shiv SWIFT means from Dhaka they send the passport through Courier Post Department in about two days when it is eligible to receive one on your mobile. This message will appear and a status bar will show Ready to Insurance means you can currently collect your dream e-passport from your local Regional Passport Office Now you will go to the Regional Passport Office with your NID card and your passport delivery slip and stand in your queue and give your fingerprints again. You need to collect your desired e-passport

E-passport visa to take?

As usual, you need to apply for a visa like an MRP passport in the e-passport. Normally, after the visa application, the embassies will provide the details of the visa to the embassies. There will be copies

Benefits of ePassport

The biggest advantage of an e-passport is that travelers can easily pass airport immigration by using an e-gate. There is a camera at a certain point of the gate. If you hold your e-passport card, the camera will take a picture of your e-passport and then you can easily enter the airport by providing your fingerprint. Apart from this, if a passenger is banned from traveling abroad, his/her passport will be stuck

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